How Content Marketing Can Engage Your Audience

Seo StrategyRight now you might be frustrated with your social media marketing efforts, and for good reason. Everyone thinks by flooding Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, than somehow they are going to grow their following. Your audience is becoming blind to those posts, and many of them are even blocking such posts so they can interact with their family and friends and not be bombarded with your messages and thousands of others in your niche.

The smart business owners know that content marketing is how you effectively engage your audience. The thinking here is that you are not promoting one product, but rather you are engaging them by allowing them to be consumed by an entire niche. So for example, rather than try to sell a customer bulk tee shirts, if you create content about the screen printing process, they gain valuable information in addition to buying your merchandise.

With content marketing your goal is to produce relevant content that keeps your audience on the hook. Anyone can blast the same messages over and over on social media platforms, but those business owners who are seeing a rise in organic traffic are the ones who have developed content like online videos, specialized classes, daily podcasts, basically anything that gives your audience more information than they already have and reason to return to your website again.

The reason you want to do something like weekly podcasts or online classes is you have these visitors coming back again and again to check out your content. So these visitors are looking forward to coming by your website to take advantage of the class on screen printing on dark color tees, and you don’t even have to push your merchandise because they have become so accustomed to coming to your website that if they did need the apparel, they are going to come back to a trusted source when they need to buy.

By getting your customers involved with content marketing, you can also pick their brains for feedback. This is when you hit them with surveys and ask them what they like or dislike about the industry as a whole, or how they would improve things. By staying in touch with a targeted audience, you start developing that relationship that will bear fruit in the near future. If nothing else, they will easily share your message or refer you to their close inner circle so you get even more eyes on your offerings with less effort.