13 Essential Tips for Properly Staging Your House for Sale

Charleston SC Real EstateThe staging process should begin long before you hire your realtor for a number of reasons. One, you are going to have to be packing anyway, so you might as well get to it now. Secondly, when you hire the realtor those first few days realtors from around the region will be bringing their clients for a look, and that is not the time to try and clean things up.

Consider these 13 tips for staging the house for a quick sale brought to us by the professionals in Real Estate Charleston SC over at Premier One:

1. Start by getting all that clutter around the house, attic, and garage, into boxes and down to a storage facility.

2. Hire a professional cleaning service to treat your windows, carpets, and upholstery. They may be able to clean hardwood floors and tiles too.

3. If a room looks dated, a fresh coat of paint could transform the appearance instantly.

4. Make sure you focus on the exterior too. Curb appeal is everything is creating that emotional connection with a buyer. Hire a landscaper to trim trees, cut your grass, plant flowers, and put some mulch around trees or flowerbeds.

5. Remove personal pictures off the walls, you want the buyer to begin imagining their family living in these rooms and not yours.

6. Be sure that you have all the lights on in every room and open the curtains too when buyers are walking through the house.

7. If a realtor wants to show the house, pack everyone in the car and go get some ice-cream for an hour.

8. If an open house is scheduled, allow the realtor to bake cookies in the oven. The smell will connect on a deeper level, like smelling Mom’s apple pie when visiting family.

9. Make all repairs before anyone comes by so they have less negativity to focus on and you can get closer to your selling price.

10. Fresh flowers appeal to the eyes and nose. Place some in a vase in the kitchen or bathrooms.

11. Pets should not be in the house when a potential buyer is looking.

12. Your house should be dusted, vacuumed, and spotless at all times in the event a last minute call comes in of a showing.

13. Don’t try to hide items in the garage. Buyers want to see a roomy area to park their car, so again, move it to storage.

These 13 tips will get the buyers emotionally connected with your home and increase the likelihood that someone puts in an offer in as little time as possible.